Adult & Paediatric Eczema

Atopic dermatitis, or “eczema” as it is commonly known, can be a lifelong, itchy and frustrating condition. Our Dermatologists are very experienced in managing this stressful condition in infants, children and adults.

Initial management encompasses addressing any triggers or exacerbating factors of your eczema. One of the inherent causes is a protein deficiency in the skin, known as a “filaggrin” mutation. Thus, optimising skincare is of paramount importance. In addition, this genetic predisposition confers an immunologic imbalance causing skin inflammation.

Treatments vary widely according to your type and extent of eczema. Therapies include not only topical creams, but also phototherapy, tablets or injectable medications, such as dupilumab, can be utilised. Your treating Dermatologist will determine the most suitable treatment for you.